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Callaghan shoes are Spanish

We are in Spain and it was the Decade of the prodigious Decade of the eighties. Both in this part of the world, as well as in the neighbour Italy, fashion companies were opened everywhere. Although our story begins here, everything was as before. I understand. The Riojan entrepreneur (region in the Northwest of Spain) Basilio García father turns to his shoe company with a new line of footwear. Baptized it with the suggestive name of Callaghan, in honor to the mythical character played by Clint Eastwood film called Harry Callaghan, nickname “dirty”. “Happy day!” positioning to criminals, gun in hand, this unconventional policeman who managed to catch the bad guys with unorthodox methods.

And in this singular character Mr. Basilio García was inspired to name his new line of shoes, which, like the fiction, were different, little conventional, but reliable, comfortable and decisive.

But let’s go by parts through this article.

The company began as venture much earlier, in 1968, with the opening of a workshop in the Valley of Arnedo, headquarters of other shoe factories. The own brand comes four years later and baptized it with the name of Garca. In 1978 the company triumphs with the line Tanke, so tough and all land as vehicle that remembers your name.

Callaghan shoes, Basilio García dream

But the company’s success comes with Callaghan, comfortable shoes made for touring the cities from end to end and without weakening. And marketing campaigns are and were important, but very difficult to deceive at the foot with advertising.

How achieved is making comfortable shoes? As you already ensayara the mythical Salvatore Ferragamo, the key is in innovation and the knowledge of the anatomy of the foot. Why such enterprises takes very serious research going hand in hand, with staff (medical) and the possibilities of materials. So they take 20 years. And that, to dessert, it shows.

The new Callaghan shoes

They are, like the past but improved. And that how? Generating a sustainable activity with the local population and not outsourcing processes, as it is so common, even among the most famous shoemakers. This results in control throughout the manufacturing process. And in fact, the sewing of much of its models is made by hand. Although this may not seem important, when a piece is sometimes given to a craftsman, it is able to detect design errors that can be corrected on the fly.

Research on the possibilities of materials is another of the strengths of the House, which dedicated more than 5% of the budget to innovation.

What is offering Callaghan?

He writes:

  • Shoes children comfortable, “wearable”, soft and durable. You can also go to the other line of the firm, the mythical in Spain, gorilla. Their school shoes are basic.
  • For the journal and for work shoes. If you are looking for a model more than dress or to wear with suits, it is best that you decant you designs Spanish type or loafer or even Oxford shoes in polished skin of the catalogue.
  • Although comfortable shoe is invoking the flat footwear, Callaghan shoes, in its constant research process, has created a lightweight with a polymer floor and a heel that reaches more than 10 cms of height. If you do not dare, the always more comfortable position of the wedge can select a height half or. They also have sandals, flip-flops, dancers or boots from bottom of Cabinet and wearable.

You know, all detectives are as Callaghan nor all the shoes are as Callaghan shoes.


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